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What are the main Accredited Courses available to me?

There are a range of English language courses available to suit each individual’s language needs and their levels of skill. Here are some of the main accredited courses that may be available to you (depending on your chosen place of study).

ESOL Courses

There are a range of colleges and learning providers across the UK that will offer English courses for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Each individual school will have programmes that cover all elements of the English language. You could find yourself learning a new skill everyday including reading, writing, speaking and listening with some higher level students also covering spelling, grammar and punctuation. Each ESOL course is tailored to each individual student and provides a variety of support throughout your development of the English language. ESOL teachers understand that each student is diverse and this is why the ESOL course is specifically designed to meet you skill level and the teacher will pick a course for you that will allow you to gain the most knowledge of the English Language.

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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a testing system that uses an exam that assesses an individual’s English language skills and is taken by students who wish to study and work in an environment where English is used as the main language of communication. The IELTS features tests that assess the four main language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking and the scores you receive are internationally recognised by many organisations including employers, universities and other professional bodies.

The IELTS course will help you to prepare for the IELTS exam and the curriculum consists of IELTS tasks which are all taught by experienced and qualified teachers, making it one of the most popular accredited courses. The IELTS course will provide you with an invaluable insight into the exam and how the system works.

There are two versions IELTS:

  • IELTS Academic is a course for students who would like to study at a UK university.
  • IELTS General Training is course designed for students who want a certain standard of English skills that are appropriate for social or general working environments.

Each IELTS course will examine all aspects of the English language and many courses have been designed to help you achieve your individual IELTS goals.

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Business English

As English is an international language of commerce, politics and international law, business English courses are perfect for those who want to further their skills and also develop the ability to communicate freely when making cross-border transactions.

Normally a business English course allows the student to pick up language skills which will be needed in a range of work related environments. The schools that offer business language courses offer a curriculum that mostly consists of language used by professional. The courses also only use authentic materials and commit themselves to the standards expected by executives within a company.

Business English - Accredited Courses

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