Out of the Ark’s School Essentials

Be prepared for the school year with Out of the Ark’s Essential Songs collection. With a song for every occasion, this wonderfully diverse selection of songs can’t help but please everyone.

All three of the songbooks in this collection offer the following features:

  1. Song snippits

If you’re considering purchasing one of our school essentials songbooks but are unsure whether the songs are for you, try before you buy by listening to our song snippits.

  1. Words on Screen

Make teaching and learning new songs easy with the Words on Screen package. This interactive, lyric projection software includes backing tracks with or without vocals, lyric-synchronised music and a range of bespoke backgrounds.

  1. Compatibility with Mac OS and Windows

Never be caught out: no matter what technology you have available, our software is compatible with both Windows and Mac, providing you with flexibility and peace of mind.

For Easter: Easter Hymns

  • Ages 5-11
  • 20 Easter hymns

Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with this assortment of traditional and contemporary Easter hymns. Perfect to sing in school and church alike, these beautifully reimagined songs breathe new life into Easter festivities.

Read our product reviews to see what customers think about our Easter Hymn Essentials.

For the Everyday: Assembly Hymns

  • Ages 5-11
  • 20 hymns perfect for assemblies

Among popular classics such as Amazing Grace and All Things Bright And Beautiful and modern must-haves such as Shine Jesus Shine and Here I Am To Worship lie some exciting Out of the Ark originals.  Don’t miss out on this essential collection of 20 uplifting and forever entertaining songs.

For the Christmas Period: Christmas Carols

  • Ages 5-11
  • 20 Christmas carols

Get everyone singing and dancing along with this Christmas carol compilation of traditional favourites and modern classics. This carefully selected collection of Christmas carols for children is an absolute must, enabling children to spread Christmas joy at this magical time of year.

Read product reviews or tell us about your own experience with our Christmas Carol Essentials on our website.

At Out of the Ark, we have a vast collection of songbooks, musicals, poetry books and pantomimes ready and waiting to be explored and performed. Click here to view our new 2017 catalogues, browse our website, or contact us today for more information.


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