How are British Council Accredited Schools Inspected?

Accreditation UK aims to give an assurance of quality to international students who are studying or planning to study English language in the UK. This is achieved by external inspections, ensuring that British council accredited schools meet agreed quality standards. The external inspections assure that all the accredited courses and their centres meet or exceed the agreed quality standards in management, resources and environment, teaching, welfare and care of under 18’s. Accredited centres are re-inspected every four years, however to maintain accreditation, centres must submit an Annual Declaration Form to the Accreditation Unit each year. To find out more and to download the necessary forms visit the British Council Website.

How are the British Council Accredited Schools inspected?


The British Council will assess the quality of management which operates to benefit the students. They assess staff management, student administration, quality assurance and publicity (information available before enrolment). It is also noted that inspectors can spot check elements of the legal and regulatory declaration, as well as the awareness of and attention paid to the declaration.

Resources and Environment

The inspector will evaluate the available learning resources and the environment to ensure that it will support and enhance the studies of students enrolled with that particular provider. The premises, facilities and the learning resources are assessed during this part of the inspection.

Teaching and Learning

The British Council will assess the current teacher’s qualifications and make sure they are given sufficient support to ensure that their teaching meets the needs of their students. All academic staff members will need to have an academic staff profile that fits with the current guidelines set by the British Council. Also the academic management will be assessed throughout the inspection to ensure the teachers and matched appropriately to courses. Course design and implementation is also assessed in this part as well as the management of each individual learner. Usually during the inspection their will need to be classroom observations to assess the level of teaching skill and lesson preparation.

Welfare and Culture

The British Council inspect this area to ensure that all students have sufficient security, pastoral care, information and leisure activities. They also review the accommodation provided by each learning provider by visiting students in their homestay accommodation. The management of learner’s accommodation will also be assessed here.

Care of Under 18’s

This criteria may not be needed if the learning provided doesn’t offer courses to under 18’s. The British council will assess the management, accommodation, and support given to learners under the age of 18 that are students of a British Council accredited schools.

The date and timing of an inspection will be arranged between the Accreditation Unit and the provider. Once an inspection appointment has been made, the provider will receive written confirmation of the inspection details from the Accreditation Unit, along with a reminder of the actions that need to follow. There are a range of downloadable documents available to help you with the process produced by the British Council. The inspection is normally carried out by two inspectors – the reporting inspector and the co-inspector. An inspection for a small provider will last one day, usually with the previous evening being used to visit accommodation. With larger providers, there may be three or four inspectors working over several days.

To find out more information on how to become a British Council accredited school or to enquire further about the inspection process visit the British Council information for centres page. Thinking about studying at a British Council accredited school? English Study Breaks provide custom-built English Language and higher education courses across the United Kingdom. English Study Breaks only work with well established, accredited schools, colleges and universities so the learner can study English in the UK with a provider who in externally assessed by the British Council to ensure a high standard is maintained.



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