Make Learning Songs Easier with the Words on Screen Feature

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What is Words on Screen?

Have all of Britain’s favourite primary education songs at your fingertips. Similar to karaoke, Words on Screen is an interactive piece of lyric projection software which makes teaching and learning songs easier than ever before. At Out of the Ark Music, 64 of our musicals, songbooks and nativities offer the Words on Screen feature, including our top 3 best-selling musicals Cinderella & Rockerfella, Alice The Musical and Wind In The Willows.

Available in 2 versions: Words on Screen and Words on Screen 2, the original Words on Screen package offers features such as backing tracks with or without vocals, lyric-synchronised music and plain or bespoke backgrounds. The latest addition, Words on Screen 2, offers all of these benefits and much much more: adaptable playlists, multiple harmony options, printable lyrics and instant streaming to name but a few.

Why Choose Words on Screen?

  • Words on Screen is an incredibly versatile tool which can project song lyrics onto several different surfaces such as whiteboards, computer screens, televisions and interactive touchscreens.


  • As an alternative to learning songs from lyric sheets, Words on Screen brings music to life and encourages children to look up and project their voices.


  • Words on Screen offers a selection of appealing backgrounds and easy-to-read fonts to attract children’s attention and keep them entertained.


  • Never miss a beat with the Words on Screen’s lyric syncing feature. To help improve timing and overall performance, Words on Screen seamlessly syncs song lyrics with the music as soon as you press play.


  • Choose to sing with vocals or just the backing track depending on how well you know the track.


  • Help to perfect your performance in double-quick time with Words on Screen. This user-friendly, easy-to-teach software eliminates the need to type out lyrics, saving you valuable rehearsal time.


If you are interested in one of our plays, or if you already have one of our books and audio CD products and are looking to upgrade to Words on Screen, contact us today.


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